A major application of our TradeEnabler software is the provision of a cost effective automated means to service customers in the domestic and international markets. By using the Automated Branch Payment module, a payment request can be captured directly from walk-in customers throughout the bank's branch network or corporate customers with a minimum of rehandling. The employment of this application virtually eliminates fax and telephone requests, increases productivity at the branch and improves customer satisfaction. TradeEnabler provides remote access and enables banks to quickly roll out the product out to their branches and corporate customers without the need to install software at each location.

The Automated Branch Payment module integrates seamlessly with our Foreign Exchange module, multi currency accounts to provide a very powerful tool in excuting customer wire transfer requests.

  • Remote location access via the WEB
  • User Limits for Branch and the wire room
  • OFAC Filter
  • Payment Tracking
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Selective Branch Dual Control
  • Built-in BIC Directory with quick entry technology
  • Built-in FED Directory with quick entry technology
  • Flexibility in Field Properties
  • Treasury/Cash Management Management report
  • Cut-off Time
  • Single Database for all users
  • Value dated messages
  • Domestic and foreign payments
  • Review and print full audit history for each message
  • Templates set up
  • Start and end end of day procedures run centrally
  • Fed Fund planning report
  • Statistical Reports