The Trade Finance module provides financial institutions with the tools to run a trade finance department. Financial institutions can provide their customers with a wide range of import and export trade finance transactions including commercial letters of credit, standby letters of credit, amendments, bills/negotiations, and documentary collections.

The custom branded platform is scalable in design and provides collaboration technologies enabling multiple parties to interact with, track, and manage trade finance transactions from initiation to completion in real-time. The solution allows financial institutions to reallocate, reduce, or eliminate the risks associated with international trade.

  • Commercial Letters of Credit
  • Bills Under Letter of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Amendments
  • Documentary Collections
  • Submit LC, bill, amendment, and collection applications
  • Customer and bank LC templates
  • Track transaction status
  • Credit approval and denial
  • Verbiage review and edit
  • Track verbiage changes (i.e. on-screen red-lining)
  • Accept or reject highlighted verbiage changes
  • Create and edit templates
  • Transaction event email notification
  • Trace bills/documents from courier
  • Grant view-only access to exporter/importer
  • LC pre-application creation by exporter
  • Outsource trade finance process to correspondent bank
  • Transaction audit trail
  • Customizable reports
  • User management
  • Customer management
  • Customer dual or single control option
  • Help system with keyword glossary and FAQ's