TSG's global banking product suite, TradeEnabler, allows banks to efficiently manage and provide international banking services both online and offline - profitably.

TradeEnabler streamlines front, middle and back-office processes related to trade finance, foreign exchange, cash management, and treasury functions. This product suite has been designed to be completely modular and customizable across bank operational and service lines in order to meet the need of virtually any size bank.

Forged from a common framework, the TradeEnabler consists of several modules so that financial institutions may utilize the components that meet their specific business needs. The software interface is designed so that it can be fully branded with each financial institution's look and feel. In addition, each module's internal settings may be configured to meet the financial institutions unique specifications.

Included in all transaction modules is a centralized interface for the management of customers, users, user limits, audit logging, customized reporting, spread and fees, and more. The product has been built upon financial industry data standards required for cross-system integration. Additionally, the product supports XML and Web-Service based communications.

  • Transaction Tracking and history of actions taken
  • Accounting, Reporting, S.W.I.F.T. Messaging
  • Customizable User Rights, Roles, Profiles, and Limits
  • Real-time transaction status/checking and advisement
  • Strong Security Encryption
  • Expand Banking Services
  • Reduce Processing Costs
  • Eliminate Credit and Operational Risk
  • Engage in Electronic Outsourcing
  • Fastest Time to Market
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Offer Multi-Lingual Services
  • Detailed Reporting and Audit Tracking
  • Perform Profitability Analysis
  • Compatible with Existing Front, Middle, and Back-End systems
  • Support Multiple Communication Channels
  • Send wires or draft payments (in any currency)
  • Receive wires or draft payments (in any currency)
  • Execute foreign exchange transactions - spot, forward, and swap trades
  • Divide and split trade settlements among multiple parties - "true split" settlements
  • Manage and hold deposits in multiple currencies - multi-currency deposits
  • Initiate, track, amend, and negotiate letters of credit
  • Present and pay documentary collections
  • Collaborate and share information with all other parties involved in a transaction
  • Receive automated event notifications through e-mail, fax, and wireless devices