The Foreign Exchange module is a complete front, middle, and back-office solution for rapidly delivering the next generation of online FX trading to your customers worldwide. It has been designed to provide your financial institution with the ability to execute multiple transaction types including foreign exchange spots, forward outrights, forward windows, and swaps. Additionally, this module integrates seamlessly with our Trade Finance, Global Payments, and Multi-Currency Deposits modules to provide a comprehensive international banking solution.

Managed securely over the Internet, our solution enables your institution to begin offering foreign exchange services immediately without integration impediments.

  • Spot Trades
  • Forward Outright Trades
  • Forward Window Trades
  • Swaps
  • Real-time rate feed
  • Online confirmations
  • User limits
  • Profitability reporting
  • Contract limits
  • E-mail notifications of transaction events
  • Customizable screens using XSL
  • Spread templates using tiered pricing
  • Position management reports (forward, cash, etc.)
  • Outsourced processing capabilities
  • Integrated OFAC checker, audit tracking, and regulatory reporting
  • Standard and customizable reporting by security group level
  • User management and multiple location option for banks and clients
  • Dual or single control option for corporate clients
  • SWIFT Compatible, Text, XML
  • Standardized GUI can be privately labeled to bank brand
  • Simplified menus with wizards for complex/customizable options
  • Integrated help system with keyword glossary, FAQs, and help articles
  • 24/7 access to trading
  • Deal history search
  • FX trade override
  • Margin holds